For the first time in Europe, the Himalayan Yoga Therapy Workshop, School of Image of the Primordial Consciousness. Slovakiya.04.07.2015-12.07.2015

Annual Seminar of the Tien Shan Yoga in Europe, the School of TAO Dong Sun Do. Slovakia Banska Bystrica 04-07-.2015-12.07.2015. Topic: “The Tibetan Way of the Heart to Heart” “For the first time in Europe, held a unique Himalayan Healing Training Seminar with certificates in English. The program – very rich and interesting: 1. For the first time in Europe, Kashmir Himalayan system of spiritual healing Image Primordial Consciousness – “Golden Buddha” 2. For the first time in Europe, Kashmir Medical Pulse Meditation Image Primordial Consciousness – the “Pearl of the Ten Lotus Petals”; 3. The Tibetan spiritual healing practice – “Tonglen” (Tibetan Conservation System Roots: karmic decision, tribal, family problems, the release from the curse.Roots Protection) 4) Method of creating a Tibetan Spiritual Sacred Space Absolute Infinite Light in home, office, etc. 5) 1. Saving Roots: “Forgiveness is the Father,” and 2. Saving Roots: “Forgiveness is the Mother.” 6). 1. Himalayan lymph drainage – Udana, 2. Taoist lymph drainage – Pigu. 7). Treatment of bronchial asthma; Art Energy Throat – Treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer; Treatment of pancreatic cancer. 8). The Concept of U-Sin and six healing sounds; 9) Practice Three Lights – six directions; 10). Kalachakra – time management and the creation of a New Body