Health parameters at work in the office

Under present conditions, when we sorely limited in time from the tremendous multitasking, when almost no time to visit the sports clubs, gyms, there is a question: how to correct health and well-being in the workplace. Various Western and Eastern fitness workouts, do not often solves complex problems, but only separately physical and psychological problems! And any problem is sitting very deep! It is a question of energy and information, physiological, emotional matters and psychological, blood diseases and lymphatic disorders. As a result problems tangle together that conventional fitness exercises cannot solve! Here we need a simple, but very effective exercise of the Tien Shan Qigong and Yoga! From the hours of sedentary work at the computer people tend to have numb neck, thoracic, in general all cervical zone “stiffens”, but ( ! ) You should know that it originates from waist, sacrum, coccyx, and then to whole body (joints, feet, arms, in violation of the internal organs). Ie, if you will extend the lower back, the whole body will extend! Then the mood improves immediately, you start radiate light, go toward the client, genuinely smiling, easy and free to get a deal, sign the contract and the client be sure to remember your sincere spontaneity! And be sure to come again and will be recommending you to friends and colleagues! Now, one of the simple, but very effective deep exercises: Sit straight, eyes can be kept open or closed, open your knees slightly, feet parallel, connect the shoulder blade on the back, pull your stomach slightly, hands on belly button, watch yourself from the back, so you ” uncheck ” the ego . Now take a slow, soft, volumetric breath, not a long pause, and the soft slow exhalation, and a slight pause after the exhalation. Breathe slowly and deliberately maintaining a small but equal to each other pause between breaths. Continue like this for a few minutes. Now, lets learn the “breath of the spine” – this is the key to solving all the problems on health! Watching yourself from behind you will see the your back, focus on the coccyx and take a breath volume. Extending the coccyx to at least of the width of the body, or put the perception outside of the body. Then on a pause pulse volumetric space of the coccyx, then do the bulk exhale. By taking the time repeat the coccyx twice, three times, and so the whole spine of the coccyx to the base of the skull. Movement of the spine just from down – upwards, the reverse movement is unacceptable, it is destructive and destructive! Do not enter pulse to the head at the first stage, it can cause overheating of the brain. Directing pulse to your head is possible in the future, when you will be Masters! Then you can get the brightest emotional states described Yogis! The entire procedure takes 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to repeat daily during the breaks at work and at bedtime. After a month of daily practice, there will be dramatic changes in mental and physical health, will cure even chronic, long-term illnesses! Deeper and more detailed, practical advice you can get by visiting the annual seminars Teachers Pak Dong Sun, the European Union and Britain. We wish all Love, Health , Happiness and Successful Life!