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Weekly column in “Evening Almaty” Master Tien Shan Yoga, Qigong and Meditation Pak Dong Sun (ru).

Interview.                                                           […]

“Get a man – to get all”. The Master Tien Shan Yoga, Qigong and Meditation – Pak Dong Sun on methods of brainwashing (ru).

Interview The Master Tien Shan Yoga Pak Yuri about modern zombie in Zone.Kz See here:

For the first time in Europe, the Himalayan Yoga Therapy Workshop, School of Image of the Primordial Consciousness. Slovakiya.04.07.2015-12.07.2015

Annual Seminar of the Tien Shan Yoga in Europe, the School of TAO Dong Sun Do. Slovakia Banska Bystrica 04-07-.2015-12.07.2015. Topic: “The Tibetan Way of the Heart to Heart” “For […]

Retreat: BEING in TAO 2014, Almaty

  RETREATs: “PRACTICAL DAO” Level 1. Tao – Being in harmony . Classic Tao, basics (August 2014, 3 days) Level 2. Healing in Tao (October 2014, 3 days) Level 3. Tao: […]

Seminar in London – 18.7-27.7.2014

Health parameters at work in the office

Under present conditions, when we sorely limited in time from the tremendous multitasking, when almost no time to visit the sports clubs, gyms, there is a question: how to correct health and […]

Tien-Shan Yoga and Qigong – new phenomenon for Kazakhstan and require intelligibility (ru)


Yuri Park, style master Tao Dong San Do, about the healing properties of yoga, qigong and meditation, and quackery in this area

view here –

Fresh Wind of Tien Shan International Center TAO Dong Sun Do

(International Center Tien Shan Yoga, Chi-Kung and Meditation). Master Pak Dong Sun.


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